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Wanted: Digital Press Collector's Guide 7th ed. & Atari: Business Is Fun


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I am indeed on the current junk box roster. Up to you if you wanna use box space for it... unless maybe Rowsdower70 wants to re-order the list so that I'm right after you? Anyway, if it's in the box when it gets to me I'll certainly take, read, and re-junk it when done. If not, no worries -- maybe someone else has a copy for trade/sale.

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Absolutely not!  There is a lot of great information in there.  And the pictures are just about worth the price of admission all by themselves. 


I'd say the writing style is a little rough.  And better editing could have really tightened it up.  There is also an "anti-Nolan" theme throughout...hard to tell if it's deserved since we don't get Nolan Bushnell's participation at all.  But still, it's good.  And it really does the "you are there" feeling really well. 


Ballblazer -- I'm about half way through and making progress.  Give me another week or so. 

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