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A Game Gear collection


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What can I say?  For a long time, the Game Gear has been one of those systems that is truly in the sweet spot for collecting -- games and systems are very inexpensive and very plentiful. Maybe some collectors avoid Game Gear because many of the systems are broken due to bad capacitors.  Either the screen is dim, or there is no sound (or both).  These two Game Gears have had their caps replaced (one by me...one purchased fixed on Ebay).  Given that you can find a nice working Game Gear for about $50, and games are usually less than $5 each, it's just awesome to collect for.


It's really a great system with a huge library of great games.  I've read that the Game Gear is very similar hardware-wise to the Sega Master System. 





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The Game Gear is indeed virtually identical to the Master System. There are several GG ports of MS games.


There is even a device that allows Master System carts to be played on a Game Gear.

"I'd buy that for a dollar!" -Smash T.V.

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