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Atari I/O Reviews _Art of Atari_

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Have you picked up your copy of Art of Atari already?  Holding out until the holidays, maybe?  Not sure if it's worth the expense?  Need to see a few more reviews?

:pac_man:     My review is now online over on the I/O Blog -- check it out!    :et:


And if you missed my interview with Art of Atari's author, Tim Lapetino, that's also available on the I/O Blog...

...along with lots of great reviews from Lynx Lounge, The Jag Bar, 7800 Avenue, and more!


:invader:  :invader:  :invader:


Some of you have already posted your impressions of the book over in my AoA interview forum thread, but if you have any additional thoughts I'd love to hear 'em.

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Sounds like a really good book to have.  One of the images in your review is of a 2600 prototype (close to the bottom of the page).  That system almost looks like a miniature version of the system that went into production.  One thing I liked about that concept was the joysticks.  Those would have went well with the model the ended up going into production.  It's more about looks than anything and the controllers we did get have become an icon for virtually all video games.

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This has somehow flown under my radar until now, but:


:berzerk: :berzerk: :berzerk:  AN ART OF ATARI  POSTER BOOK  IS COMING!  :berzerk: :berzerk: :berzerk:


40 pages with detachable 16" x 12" posters showcasing Atari artwork.  Pre-orders are underway at Amazon.  If I get more information about what's included, I'll pass it along!

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