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Flex circuit needed.

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Guys I can't find the flex circuit listed on B&C anymore. Am I overlooking it or is it somewhere else now?



I'm not sure if it's somewhere else on his page or not, but it looks like Best Electronics might have you covered: http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/lynx.htm#Lynx%20II


A quote from that page:


"Steve P. of the UK  Steve contacted Best Electronics looking for the impossible to find Atari Lynx II internal Flex circuit.  Best sent Steve a New Atari Lynx II internal flex circuit, a new Lynx II Internal Silicon pad set (Best recommended to Steve that he also get the a new Lynx II internal Silicon pad set (other half of the mechanical switch) to get the Max. life out of his Lynx II rebuild), one of Best New Lynx II upgrade internal speakers and a new CX40 rubber boot "

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