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LEGO Dimensions

Atari 5200 Guy

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Last night I found LEGO Dimensions at our local Wal-Mart for $12. $12! I have not actually played with LEGOS since my late teens and know basic sets cost more than $12. Games alone can cost more than that. I grabbed the 360 version but all other platforms were on clearance as was




So I get home, unbox the game, platform, and Starter Set containing Batman, Gandoff, and Wyldstyle. I connect the base to the 360 and insert the game disc hoping for a miracle. Nope...2GB download required! So I wait patiently while looking at the parts and manual. All of a sudden I get blinded.


The game has been fun and getting to actually build models used in the game gives a whole new level of interactivity. I'm hooked and hope to pick up more packs while Wal-Mart still has them. I went back last night and did pick up Ghostbusters level pack and Gremlins team pack.


I recommend this to those who remember LEGOS and have children or grandchildren as I can see this being a great bonding tool. Its also kind of a stress therapy tool.

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Interesting indeed.  Can you explain a little more what this is?  I'm clueless.  And is it PS3/Xbox 360 only?

Its also for Wii U, XBOX One, and PS4. I also think there is a PC and smart device version but not sure on that.


I will explain it best as I can. For starters, there are various worlds you can visit in the game. All games have a basic set of levels you will go through as part of the main story including Wizard of Oz & Simpson's. Picking up extra packs opens up those characters and/or worlds in the game. For example; the Ghostbusters Level Pack gave me access to a Ghostbusters level, a character, ghost trap, and the Echo-1.


The interactive part comes from building. As soon as you get them you can build the characters right away. Once on the game's platform you then get to use that character anywhere in the game. Each character has traits and skills required to access parts of every world. The rest of your pack is built as you acquire them in the game at which point the game gives you the building instructions. For example; I couldn't build the Echo-1 until I found the parts in the game first even when I had the physical parts in front of me.


Everything in the game has the visual appearance of being built with LEGOS. The storylines are comical and family friendly. The game is an adventure game with puzzles to solve, bosses to fight, and other things.


There is Wiki just for the game and packs seem to be based on well-known franchises like E.T., Back To The Future, Sonic, and more.


If you want to learn more check out the official website. Check local stores and see what you can find. You might find some marked down like I did. A $70 starter set for $12 is a huge discount.

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Nope. Don't have one of those here but there are a few Game stops around me that says they have them...but only after I wipe out my local Wal-Mart first lol. I'm hoping to find the Midway and BttF sets. Those are no where in traveling distance.


RickR do you have any modern consoles?

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I agree. I had a 2 GB download to wait on and once that was done I had another 600 MB download to go.


It's the only game I've seen to mix a bunch of popular licensed franchises. I am just now at A Show of Strength level and it was cool to see the two most loved Back to the Future cast members and hear the voices of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. I loved the Doctor Who part. That was a bit creepy.


Those that have not played this game yet are missing out. My 360 came with Skylanders which is fun but Dimensions seems to involve the physical products more. You can do more with the sets in Dimensions than you can with Skylanders.


It is a shame it is not being produced any more. Then again I don't think I would have bought any of it at full price. The starter set alone was originally $70. Sets ranged from $13 to $50 depending so it wasn't very cost effective. Then again the sets were 100% LEGO and those are not cheap even for the small sets, never have been.

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My kids do, but I never touch them. PS4, and Xbox 360.

If you ever wanted to dab in semi-modern gaming now would be the time to do it. While a PS3 or 360 can cost roughly $100 for a basic setup used most of the games are getting dirt cheap. Games that once cost $50-$60 I have picked up for $3-$15 used depending on title. Those are GameStop prices too so you may find better deals elsewhere. But I found Modnation Racer for PS3 for $5, both Final Fantasy XIII for 360 for $10, and Max Payne 3 and Skyrim for $3 each. I don't even own a PS3 but couldn't pass up that racing game I tried when I owned the system. These systems, plus the Wii, are still able and fun consoles. Try em...you might like em!

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This game has one of those frustrating moments that will make you want to throw something. I beat the main story of the game and without giving away too much I beat the main boss once. Was the game over? Nope. Round 2. Beat him again. Game over? Nope. At this point I'm like squeezing the controller in my hands going, "Why won't he just die!?!". Beat him a third time.


It then becomes clear...everything that the game shows you through each character you use, on how to use them to navigate the levels and to solve puzzles, are just training grounds for the boss fight because you will use every single one of them during three or four final acts.


Having multiple characters helps because they will automatically attack smaller enemies leaving you more free to solve puzzles for boss attacks. For being a bad guy I found using Lord Voldemort to be a valuable asset. So if others have this game and are missing the Harry Potter Team Pack I recommend it.


The only other pack I would want is the Midway Arcade pack. Retro gamers will love the short arcade levels in the main story. The developers did an awesome job on 3D rendering Defender, Super Sprint, and Gauntlet. I was in awe when I seen those.


Out of all of the games where additional character purchases are required to access areas of the main game, Lego Dimensions actually goes the extra mile with awesome game play across multiple franchises that no other game has ever done. It's a real shame it didn't gain popularity to keep it going longer because I would have liked to have seen what else that would have came up with. But, then again, being Lego sets, the price point is understandably the real reason for its lack of success. I still give it a high recommendation. It is really fun.

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