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RickR - Selling good junk thread


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As mentioned elsewhere in the forums, I'm cleaning out stuff I no longer need.  I'll put it here first for my friends here.  Please PM me if interested.  Keep checking back, as I'll be adding more stuff over the next month or so.  Trades are fine too, as are offers.

First up...Pitfall 2 for Atari 2600.  I'm asking $15 shipped in the USA.  It's got some label wear.  I'd rate the condition 6 out of 10.  ** SOLD **


pitfall 2 003.JPG

pitfall 2 004.JPG

pitfall 2 001.JPG

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Here comes more.  My wife is afraid that I'm dying or something.  (I'm not).  More pictures and info available upon request.  I'm putting them here first for you all, but they'll go to ebay in a few weeks.  All of these items work, and I'll test again before any deal is made.  I'm sorry about the lack of prices -- I will remedy that over time.  Feel free to make offers.  Most likely I'll use ebay average "sold" price and subtract a little from that.  There's a lot here, and I have not had time to fully price out stuff.

Two pong machines.  A Unisonic Tournament 2000 complete in box (with gun), and a National Semiconductor pong.  Make me an offer.




An Atari 800 (asking $75).  48k.  Very good condition.  Shipping will be 'spensive on this one.  And a Rana 100 disk drive for Atari (make offer)




A Commodore 64C in very nice condition (asking $100)


A Commodore Plus/4 - CIB in excellent condition (make offer)


** INTV2 is pending.  Atari adapter is SOLD **



A BUNCh of handheld electronic games.






These ones are new (not classic) retro versions.  New in box.


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9 hours ago, kamakazi20012 said:

Bible says Thou shall not want...but they didn't have all this cool stuff then either. 😁

I hope that I'm selling this stuff at fair enough prices that it doesn't feel like a biblical sacrifice :)  I really like to see this stuff go to people I know, and that I know will enjoy them -- even if I get a lower price.  Win-win is always the best way to go. 

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Time for an update.  Intellivision games for sale!  Prices don't include shipping and offers are fine.

Loose games:

  • Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling - 60
  • Super Pro Football - 6
  • Chip Shot Super Pro Golf - 9
  • Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball - 12
  • Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey - 18

CIB games:

  • Motocross - $12
  • Sewer Sam - $25
  • Math Fun - $10
  • Word Fun - $10

intv games for sale 001.JPG

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