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DACTAR 4 in 1 Cartridges


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So recently I did a video on my Dactar 4-in-1 cartridge:

They actually made several of these, potentially with themes in mind. Mine for instance contains games that all start with S, and two sea based games. I've seen others that just have sport titles.

Of course, these aren't official, but apparently the laws in Brazil were very lax on copyright protection.

And bonus points to RickR for pointing out the MONTER typo. I also later noticed that RACER should have an S at the end.

I like the mini boxes they came in. Below is a white, but I think they also made black.

Lot of 2 Dactar 4 in 1 for the Atari 2600 game computer - Catawiki

The boxes remind me of a blank Polaroid VHS tapes.

Polaroid Supercolor Blank VHS Tapes Videocassette T-120 Lot Of 2 ...


I also noticed 4 in 1 carts made by other foreign companies as well.

So, anyone else have any of these or memories of these?


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