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Enjoying Silent Hill 2 Born from a Wish Scenario - PS2 Emulation


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😎😍Well  that is just awesome, a while ago I read in a Silent Hill Facebook Group post someone asked about replaying Silent Hill 2, I have only played it originally on the  PS2, someone mentioned to be sure to play the version that has the Maria sub scenario “Born From a Wish” and amazingly I never have!  😮 I loaded it  up from the extended PS2 edition in PCSX2 emulator, looks and plays  great, never thought I would be playing and experiencing anything Silent  Hill 2 related that was new to me. LOVING THIS! The best part is in emulation I can far higher resolutions than the PS2 could ever run natively, works perfectly with my wireless Xbox 360 gamepad (like movement, drawing firing weapon, run, look etc were instantly configured!) and unlike some older PC ports of some PS2 games there is no issues with compatibility or requirements with newer versions of Windows.




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10 hours ago, RickR said:

That is cool!  But I have questions. 

1.  I get that this is a PC emulator.  But are you running the game using a PS2 disc? 

Well, I guess I only had one question.

😀  Yes, it is a great emulator for PC to run and play PS2 games, works very well, starts up with the PS2 logo and everything, even emulates memory cards and behaves just like the system. 

As for the game, you can run in different ways, from the emulator Wiki: 

Insert your PS2 game CD/DVD in your DVD rom. You can either run it directly from the disc or create an ISO image of your disc with a program like IMGburn for faster reads.

In this case as always I downloaded an ISO image of the game and the emulator can boot from those. I have Silent Hill 2 for PS2 but it was the original version so in order to play this scenario I needed a copy of a later release "Extended" version of the game. As I said it is nice having the option to run these games at higher resolutions then what is native to the PS2. The emulator also has options as one pleases for cheats, widescreen patches etc. Here is a couple screen grabs for reference. 

Emulator info https://pcsx2.net/




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