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Raiders of the Lost Omnivision

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As promised, I wanted to share my experience with the vendor of the fabled Omnivision.  


I drop the Mrs. off at work and head to this little shop I've passed by a million times.  I had asked the guy what time he'd be open, and he said 8am.  So I show up about 8:30, the sign says open but its locked up tight.  No problem, I'll just go grab some coffee and come back.   I wait out front until about 9:30am and decided that it must have indeed just been an urban legend, and there was no Omnivision.   Dejected and confused, I drive back home.  


I figured for good measure, I'd comment on his facebook post about the sale just to let him know I indeed WAS there and wondered when he might be.  Thirty minutes or so later, I get a message that they were now open for realsies, so I head back up to the store.  


When I get there, the 2 helpers are there...the owner is not.  I tell them I spoke with someone about vintage video games, and one helper says "Oh yeah!  They're over here."   and leads me to a stack of PS2 sports titles.    Great.   Just what I was looking for.    "He mentioned something about an Omnivision?"   Oh yeah, we don't know where it is....


....they let a fabled Omnivision slip through their hands?   Perhaps the Omnivision dubbed them unworthy and went to a different dimension and time?


Not to let the trip go to waste, I find a few loose NES games and a zapper:



Of course, the helpers don't know how much the owner wants for this stuff.  So the guy says "Maybe 5 dollars each?"   I let him know that was a bit rich for my blood.  So he calls the owner.   Eureka!  The owner has found the Omnivision and is on his way!   Now we're getting somewhere.  While I wait, I chat with the helpers about various curiosities they have come across, and they show me this:



Nice!  I like C-64, it all powered up.  I didn't recognize the disk drive unit, but it couldn't have been worse than the 1541.    Still, it was no Omnivision.  So I waited with my limited funds for the owner to arrive.


He finally pulls up with a gigantic box full of crap.  Could this be the Ark of the Omnivision?   He sets down the box and I simply say, "Omnivision?"  Halfway asking the owner and halfway calling out to the artifact to let it know I was here.  His helper pulls forth the fabled device and I finally see with my own eyes:




Behold, the Omnivision....AKA an Odyssey 2 with 'The Voice' attachment that looks like it blocked an axe swing.  I have no idea if it works, but I own it.  We are friends now.   As long as I don't reveal his secret identity as a mild mannered Odyssey 2 console, Omnivision will now share its secrets with me!


"For you - Rowsdower from the 70 - have been appointed Omnivisioner of the Game Grid."  ~ Atari Adventure Square

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It belongs in a MUSEUM!

...ah sorry, got lost in a mile-long warehouse in the back of my mind there for a sec...


At last, Row! We have an answer.

Not *the* answer.

For, the Omnivision takes on many shapes and functions, as it willows its owner's mind and plants seeds of new gaming desires and emotional attachment to the strong, strange, pulsing aura within the innocuous equipment.


Heed thy Omnivision's unyielding command and go forth into the gaming realms, buttons at the ready, sight on target, enjoyment in this day - the dawning of the platinum era of the original VG visions; the rebirth of the Man of Pacque, he of the many waquas; the launching of the cosmic contraptions and their thousand missions; the unboxing of yesterday's tomorrow!


For you - Rowsdower from the 70 - have been appointed Omnivisioner of the Game Grid.


Thank you good sir


Godspeed, on your many console travels

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