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Black Widow: Recharged


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Release Date: 10/28/2021

Retail: $9.99

Developer(s): Adamvision & Sneaky Box

Publisher: Atari

Official Site: https://recharged.atari.com/

Synopsis :

"The original cult classic arachnid-starring, twin-stick shooter returns! Just in time for Halloween, Black Widow: Recharged has been reimagined for modern gameplay, with vibrant visuals, powerful new abilities, and another original soundtrack from award-winning video game composer Megan McDuffee.

Aim for a high score in the old school arcade mode and earn bragging rights with your name at the top of the leaderboard. Or test your skills and rank on the boards in one of 30 intensely creative challenges, which twist the gameplay in new and exciting ways.

Collect cash from downed enemies to charge a powerful web blast, or pick up one of a dozen new power-ups including explosive blasts, spread-shots, and fear, trapping all enemies in your web. Every mode and level is playable in local co-op mode with a friend.

Key Features:

Old Meets New: Classic Black Widow gameplay updated for smooth control, and visuals for modern PCs and consoles

Charge and Blast: In addition to a dozen power-ups, cash picked up from downed enemies can now be used to charge a massive web blast to get you out of sticky situations

Challenge: Compete in a series of 40 challenges designed to put even the most seasoned players to the test

Compete: Reach the top of country global leaderboards for arcade and individual challenge modes

Bring a Friend: Play local co-op with a friend in every mode .. blast bugs and chase scores together

Get in the Groove: Get into the rhythm of a good run to the original score by Megan McDuffee"

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Scared of spiders? Trade your spider for a snowman!

Who has tried Arachnophobia Mode in the update to Black Widow: Recharged?

Additionally, the new update to BW: R adds a three life mode and has some other bug fixes.  This is definitely a game that needed extra lives!



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