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Converse redesigned Chuck Taylors for the first time in 98 years

The Professor

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I love it when old companies put real effort into keeping classics alive in the modern age! Converse has announced a new shoe, an all-new redesign of the classic Converse Chuck Taylors.


The new shoes look nearly identical to the classic Chucks, but they've been completely rebuilt from the ground up with Nike technology so the new Chucks are far more comfy to walk around in all day. 


When I first read this I was a bit hesitant about this idea of Nike ravaging the classic Converse formula. As it turns out, Nike bought Converse in 2003 after it went bankrupt, effectively saving the company. So without Nike, Chucks wouldn’t actually still exist.


The new shoes look like they stay true to the classic Chuck Taylor formula while being a whole heck of a lot more comfortable. I'm excited to try on a pair of these   ^_^



You can see more of the Chuck IIs at the official website: http://www.converse.com/s/converse/landing-chuckII?CSINT=HP_hero_ChuckII&siteID=TnL5HPStwNw-Acu1BsdpmNyBv5.HupqbvA

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I was just saying to my family the other day.  Complaints about the Chuck Taylors:


  • They are too heavy
  • The tongue moves
  • My feet hurt after wearing them all day.

Looks like they fixed all these issues AND they look exactly the same.  All I can say is...I'm willing to give them a try. 

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I just got a pair of Chuck 2 low tops. 


My quick review:


- They are lighter. 

- They have a nice contoured cushion on the bottom. 

- The canvas seems thicker/more substantial.

- The tongue is connected to the top with elastic, and it's padded.  It won't move side to side. 

- They look very subtly different than the old ones...no black stripe on the side sole.  I like that.  Looks different, but not too different.


I think they did a good job, and I like them so far.  But it's only been an hour that I've had them.





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