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HOW TO: Update The Original Evercade Firmware to 3.0.0


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For those that have an original Evercade handheld and are wondering how to get and install the latest firmware, please read on. 

Why you need this new firmware

The biggest reason is to get compatibility with more of the newer cartridges.  Also, it's the very last firmware Blaze has stated will be available for the original model.  Finally, there are various bug fixes and interface improvements.  Get it!  It's important.

Why is this guide needed?

The original Evercade doesn't have WiFi, so the firmware update is done manually, which makes it a bit daunting.

How To

Check out this video for the general process (not me, I just found it very helpful).  To summarize, there is software available for Windows or Mac.  Run the software, install the drivers, hook up your Evercade, turn it on while holding down the "menu" button, and BOOM, you should be good to go in just a few moments.

IMPORTANT:  You only have to hold that "menu" button for a few seconds while switching the console on.  Once you hear the USB connect sound, you can release it.

Other important links:

The update is available here.  There is also a good FAQ at the bottom:  https://evercade.co.uk/evercade-handheld-updater/
Changelog listing all updates made:  https://evercade.co.uk/evercade-original-handheld-final-update/

How did RickR's update go?

Fine!  Here is my Evercade before:  firmware version 1.3.1

evercade update 001.JPG

And here we are after: 3.0.0

evercade update 002.JPG

The interface after the update is a lot different, with background music and more options available.

Give it a try and check in here with your results!


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