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Home of the Evercade Squad Challenge! Hosted by Evercade godfather Atari Creep, Club Evercade is the place to be for getting the most enjoyment out of the full line of incredible Evercade handhelds, consoles and new cartridges! Join for the latest Evercade updates, news, game reviews and more! Let's make this the most active Evercade community in the world 🌎🕹
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  2. Already preordered from Songbird. I don't preorder Evercade games from Amazon because they cancelled 3 of my orders.
  3. The C64 Collection I and Alwa's Awakening/Cathedral dual cart are both up for preorder today. Here are N.A. retailers I use for Evercade. You can also get them from Funstock, Amazon and others. Songbird Productions Video Games Plus
  4. Welcome @Stlrs95 ! Same carts on all Evercade platforms. They are thicker but similar in size to a Game Gear cart.
  5. Hey everybody. A little premature getting into this Club as I don't have an Evercade yet. Been checking them out and have decided to wait for the new handheld EXP to come out. I never thought I would like handheld gaming but it is just so convenient. I do have a question about the cartridges, is it the same cartridge for console and handheld? From some pics I have seen it looks like a pretty big cartridge.
  6. The Irem Arcade 1 cartridge for Evercade features 6 great arcade games from Irem, including early hits Moon Patrol and 10-Yard Fight, the legendary R-Type, the quirky Battle Chopper, the visually stunning In the Hunt and the first ever official home release of Lightning Swords. Available for preorder September 2022.
  7. So excited for this I suggested a couple years ago that I would like to see a Sierra online collection, elder scrolls dos game collection, and blizzard/Warcraft collection. Then somebody told me on their discord that that would never happen because PC games wouldn't work well on the console. Well now there's a chance lol the only problem could be Microsoft since their about to own the rights to all those companies if the deal with Activision goes through.
  8. C64 is headed to Evercade!! Let’s chat about the cool news! Good Times Newsline Flashcast 07/07/2022 https://youtu.be/X6WYwOVY9D0
  9. From the announcement: Home Computers have arrived on Evercade! Presenting The C64 Collection 1, the first cartridge in our new home computer range and in partnership with the creators of The C64 Mini, The C64 Maxi, and The A500 Mini, Retro Games Ltd. On this collection we bring you 14 classic titles from The C64 all in one cartridge package... Preorders open July 29 for October Release.
  10. New announcement trailer up for the C64 Collection 1:
  11. These were available with the sold out Evercade EXP Ltd via Funstock. They should be available for preorder elsewhere in September.
  12. Oh, awesome! Does Songbird have it on presale?
  13. A huge IO welcome to our new members: @E. King @AtariSphinx @Papa Pete @1Littlebeast @MalakZero Thanks so much for joining. Kick back and have fun.
  14. THIS is going to be an amazing release. Truxton, Fire Shark AND ZERO Wing!!!!
  15. Dual cart @evercaderetro announcement? Let’s dig into it!! Link: Alwa's Awakening and Cathedral headed to Evercade!! Good Times Newsline Flashcast 07/05/2022 https://youtu.be/aGslPFV2Rjs
  16. I think we might need to create an Evercade News topic, but for now I’ll drop this here!! Reactions coming soon!! Link: https://youtu.be/uWadQXP3S30
  17. Big news, and a surprise guest on this one!! 😀👍 Evercast - July 2, 2022 - New Game Of The Month and C64 Confirmed!?!? - Evercade Podcast https://youtu.be/HAJq5ggkTj8
  18. The manuals in both INTV 2 and Morphcat are particularly cool. It’s a really nice presentation!
  19. Evercade is always cheap. The VS Console is only $100 brand new with a game on Amazon.

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