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Home of the Evercade Squad Challenge! Hosted by Evercade godfather Atari Creep, Club Evercade is the place to be for getting the most enjoyment out of the full line of incredible Evercade handhelds, consoles and new cartridges! Join for the latest Evercade updates, news, game reviews and more! Let's make this the most active Evercade community in the world 🌎🕹
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  2. Incredibly unfortunate story, I saw this breaking and wanted to get onto the site and post about it. @nosweargamer had good coverage of this story:
  3. Wild. I also hope they catch the responsible parties. Sheesh, what could you even do with that stolen stuff? Seems like it would be easy to track down the culprits if they try to sell them.
  4. This is incredible. I hope they catch the people responsible.
  5. Alert: The UK/US/Worldwide stock of Ltd. Edition Evercade EXPs was stolen in a targeted robbery. EU stock was already distributed to Funstock and EU customers will be unaffected. Everyone else gets to wait. More info here: https://evercade.co.uk/important-annoucement-evercade-exp-limited-editon-units-stolen-in-robbery/
  6. I saw that. Looks like a cool collection of games.
  7. A new announcement from Evercade: Indie Heroes 2 coming January 2023. The 12 game collection includes: Tapeworm Disco Puzzle – Lowtek Games Nessy The Robot – Daniel T. Gaming Reknum Souls Adventure – Nape Games The Cowlitz Gamers’ Adventure Trilogy – Łukasz Kur and M-Tee Anguna: Scourge of the Goblin King – Bite The Chili Productions Eyra: The Crow Maiden – Second Dimension Lunar Journey – Greenboy Games Yeah Yeah Beebiss II – Rigg’d Games Gelatanous: Humanity Lost – The Retro Room The Gruniożerca Trilogy – Łukasz Kur and M-Tee Nix: The Paradox Relic – Dustin Huddleston Beer Slinger – Second Dimension https://evercade.co.uk/indie-heroes-collection-2-coming-january-2023-pre-order-november-4th/
  8. Evercade announced a partnership with Amiga. From the release: Blaze Entertainment will be able to license and publish Amiga games from multiple publishers for Evercade. At this time there is no public confirmation of which games and publishers will feature in Evercade’s quickly expanding home computer lineup, but work is already underway to bring high-quality Amiga games to Evercade in 2023 and beyond. https://evercade.co.uk/news-blaze-entertainment-announces-partnership-with-amiga/
  9. A clarification from Blaze via Discord:
  10. This is cool news for folks intending to order Evercade EXP. However, as someone who has the VS and original handheld already, I don't intend to get an EXP. I'd much rather see these as a cart collection available to all Evercade users. Pack-in cart for the EXP? Great. Built-in games that are only on EXP? Not so much. What do you think?!
  11. The full games list is: 1942 (Arcade version) 1943 (Arcade version) 1944 : The Loop Master (Arcade version) Bionic Commando™ (Arcade version) Captain Commando™ (Arcade version) Commando™ (Arcade version) Final Fight™ (Arcade version) Forgotten Worlds™ (Arcade version) Ghouls ‘n Ghosts™ (Arcade version) Legendary Wings™ (Arcade version) MERCS (Arcade version) Street Fighter II’: Hyper Fighting (Arcade version) Strider (Arcade version) Vulgus™ (Arcade version) Mega Man (8-bit) Mega Man 2 (8-bit) Mega Man X (16-bit) Breath of Fire (16-bit)
  12. Huge announcement for the upcoming Evercade EXP. Full announcement here: https://evercade.co.uk/capcom-is-coming-built-in-to-evercade-exp
  13. Already preordered from Songbird. I don't preorder Evercade games from Amazon because they cancelled 3 of my orders.
  14. The C64 Collection I and Alwa's Awakening/Cathedral dual cart are both up for preorder today. Here are N.A. retailers I use for Evercade. You can also get them from Funstock, Amazon and others. Songbird Productions Video Games Plus
  15. Welcome @Stlrs95 ! Same carts on all Evercade platforms. They are thicker but similar in size to a Game Gear cart.
  16. Hey everybody. A little premature getting into this Club as I don't have an Evercade yet. Been checking them out and have decided to wait for the new handheld EXP to come out. I never thought I would like handheld gaming but it is just so convenient. I do have a question about the cartridges, is it the same cartridge for console and handheld? From some pics I have seen it looks like a pretty big cartridge.
  17. The Irem Arcade 1 cartridge for Evercade features 6 great arcade games from Irem, including early hits Moon Patrol and 10-Yard Fight, the legendary R-Type, the quirky Battle Chopper, the visually stunning In the Hunt and the first ever official home release of Lightning Swords. Available for preorder September 2022.
  18. So excited for this I suggested a couple years ago that I would like to see a Sierra online collection, elder scrolls dos game collection, and blizzard/Warcraft collection. Then somebody told me on their discord that that would never happen because PC games wouldn't work well on the console. Well now there's a chance lol the only problem could be Microsoft since their about to own the rights to all those companies if the deal with Activision goes through.
  19. C64 is headed to Evercade!! Let’s chat about the cool news! Good Times Newsline Flashcast 07/07/2022 https://youtu.be/X6WYwOVY9D0
  20. From the announcement: Home Computers have arrived on Evercade! Presenting The C64 Collection 1, the first cartridge in our new home computer range and in partnership with the creators of The C64 Mini, The C64 Maxi, and The A500 Mini, Retro Games Ltd. On this collection we bring you 14 classic titles from The C64 all in one cartridge package... Preorders open July 29 for October Release.
  21. New announcement trailer up for the C64 Collection 1:
  22. These were available with the sold out Evercade EXP Ltd via Funstock. They should be available for preorder elsewhere in September.

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