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Home of the Evercade Squad Challenge! Hosted by longtime Atari I/O legend RickR, Club Evercade is the place to be for getting the most enjoyment out of the full line of incredible Evercade handhelds, consoles and new cartridges! Join for the latest Evercade updates, news, game reviews and more! Let's make this the most active Evercade community in the world 🌎🕹
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  2. Uh oh! Thanks for bringing this up. Hopefully, it's easy to get a fix or replacement.
  3. Interesting issue with the new Taito Super Pocket.
  4. It's also a shame they can't give the Capcom built in EXP bundle a physical cart, so it too is portable only.
  5. A preview video from Blaze! Featuring a cameo from LGR!
  6. Yes, something to do with licensing as well. It has been very disappointing.
  7. bingo. Excellent point. I think it's a good sign that Atari is 1.) aware of this possibility, and 2.) acting on it. Not to mention almost 20 years of Flashbacks and Jakks Pacific joysticks floating around. I think this makes the Eversphere more interesting to navigate and collect for. Suddenly there are cartridges that are out-of-production and will be more difficult to search out.
  8. I own all of those, thankfully. What I don't like is that I can't play the Namco collections on the console version of the Evercade.
  9. Six of the first ten Evercade carts are now "Legacy": Atari 1 & 2 Namco 1 & 2 Piko 1 Technos 1 Licensing is tricky. Recall, the Namco collections were intentionally locked from play on the VS because Blaze's rights were for handheld only. With Atari 50 and the My Arcade products, there may be an oversaturation of collections based on Atari-owned IP. Honestly, Lynx collections aside, I have not played any Atari collections other than Atari 50 since last November. There really is no need. What's interesting is that the games on the Lynx collections are mostly Songbird and Pixel Games UK (Epyx holder) titles. Maybe there is an opportunity for homebrew or third-party collections for Atari platforms?
  10. I'm hoping for: 4/5 Scale Atari XE with full-size keyboard and joystick - and 2 cartridge ports to play Atari 8-Bit Computer cartridges, and Atari 5200 cartridges 4/5 Scale Atari Lynx II with a nice library of Lynx -and Jaguar- games playable on it
  11. I'm glad I have all their Evercade collections. I'm not surprised this is happening given what Atari has been doing lately.
  12. Pure speculation, but the comment about "Atari re-entering the retro gaming space" seems to indicate a much bigger presence than we've seen. I would assume including focus on Lynx, Jaguar, 5200. Atari 50 collection was just the beginning. I hope.
  13. I hope Atari has plans for the Lynx. The Atari cartridges are a big part of what draws my interest to Evercade. I understand the situation, it's a shame though for Evercade players.
  14. An interesting update from Blaze regarding all of the Atari branded Evercade carts. They are going legacy (no longer being produced). From the article, with bold highlighting by me (the interesting stuff): At the end of December 2023, our contract with Atari comes to an end. This has been an excellent partnership for Blaze Entertainment, including work pre-Evercade, and we’ve been very proud to bring these great games to you. A particular highlight for us was the first re-release of official Atari Lynx games with our cartridges, not only highlighting the strengths of the system but introducing it to many new retro gaming fans and whole new audiences that missed it the first time around. With Atari now re-entering the retro gaming space, and Evercade having released as much of Atari’s available catalogue as we possibly could, it seems the best time to refocus our energies on new licenses across the 50 years of gaming our Evercade ecosystem covers. Therefore the following cartridges will be turning into legacy cartridges at the end of the year with stock still available from retailers for the foreseeable future: More info here: https://evercade.co.uk/cartridge-news-atari-carts-to-enter-legacy-status-at-end-of-2023/ It will probably be a great idea to hold on to those carts, as they should become collectible. This is probably a good idea for a future Evercade thread -- a list of all carts that have gone legacy status.
  15. A thread to post what's upcoming to Evercade. For October 2023, The Immortal John Hancock does it far better than I can. 20 new games are coming, and he's got the goods on them:
  16. I just bought a copy used! I didn't know much about it, but bought it anyway. Here is the info about the game from Blaze: https://evercade.co.uk/cartridges/the-oliver-twins-collection/ ‘The Oliver Twins Collection’, featuring 11 original games from the golden age of video games. This cartridge is now an Evercade Legacy Collection and will no longer be produced. Games List Proffesional BMX Simulator Dizzy The Adventurer Dreamworld Pogie The Fantastic Adventures Of Dizzy Firehawk Go! Dizzy Go! Mystery World Dizzy Panic Dizzy Super Robin Hood Treasure Island Dizzy Wonderland Dizzy My own personal opinion so far: I guess these were mostly UK releases on 8 bit machines of the 90's in that area. I'm not familiar with any of them. But wow, they seem like really great "NES"-esque games that are fun to try. I'll definitely be spending more time with this one.
  17. Not my auction, but here's an ebay link for a really nice orig Evercade with a very low starting price https://www.ebay.com/itm/126095116112?mkevt=1&mkpid=0&emsid=e11021.m43.l3160&mkcid=7&ch=osgood&euid=afd45fd7ed484c4c9868eee5f038baca&bu=43187582069&ut=RU&osub=-1~1&crd=20230916034741&segname=11021
  18. Got the news about this earlier today. Really cool!
  19. TWO cartridge collections for Duke Nukem -- preorders are open now for a release before the end of this year. I don't know about you, but I'm stoked for these. More info here: https://evercade.co.uk/evercade-game-spotlight-duke-nukem-3d-total-meltdown/ One of our biggest announcements of 2023 was that Evercade will be playing host to the triumphant return of one of gaming’s most beloved action heroes: Duke Nukem. And this is no ordinary rerelease: rather than simply emulating the original MS-DOS PC versions of Duke Nukem and its sequel, we’ve built a full remastered package specifically for the Evercade platform, including numerous enhancements — plus the option to enjoy the games as they appeared back in the day. Alongside this, we’re also continuing our efforts to contribute to worldwide video game preservation efforts by providing the first ever commercial rereleases of four 32-bit Duke Nukem titles since they first hit the market in the late ’90s and early 2000s. Across two butt-kicking Evercade cartridges, there’s more than enough Duke Nukem to keep you busy for a good long while, and we’re super-excited to finally make these games available to you. Since the two Duke Nukem Collection cartridges are now available for preorder from your favourite Evercade retailers, and these are some of the biggest, most well-known games we’ve ever licensed, we thought we’d take the time to dive deep into each individual title rather than providing a simple overview of each cart.
  20. The controller design of the VS, specifically, really makes it shine! Along those same lines (pun sort of intended?), the original handheld takes my design preference over the EXP, even though I appreciate the more modern experience on the EXP, heh.
  21. I'll start with PK In the Universe. It's small channel I just started watching. But I appreciate the honesty and enthusiasm.
  22. Share your favorite Evercade YouTube channels. Entertaining, informative, fun, whatever. If you like it share it here.

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