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The Questor Tapes - Gene Roddenberry’s Forgotten Classic


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The Questor Tapes is a 1974 failed pilot for a new Gene Roddenberry TV show, which aired as a made-for-television sci-fi drama film about an android (portrayed by Robert Foxworth) with incomplete memory tapes who is searching for his creator and his purpose. Conceived by Gene Roddenberry, who is credited as executive consultant, the script is credited to Roddenberry and fellow Star Trek alumnus Gene L. Coon.

There are many parallels between the android Questor, and the android Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation as both are androids who are generally indistinguishable from a human male and striving to be more human. In the beginning, Questor looks quite like the Founders (Odo) and the first iteration of Lal

Other parallels exist between the themes of The Questor Tapes and Star Trek: The Motion Picture as both Questor and V'ger are lost mechanical minds searching for their creator.





If you can find the whole film please share! 

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