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Dare Devil


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Release Date: September 8, 2023

Retail: $3.99

Developer(s): MuddyVision

Publisher: MuddyVision

Synopsis :

Do you have what it takes to become a Dare Devil?

You are the Dare Devil, always looking for a new challenge. You do not know fear, you know only the rush of wind as your parachute carries you to the ground. You ignore the wind and rain. Landing in a forest? No problem. A desert island? Anytime! A moving boat? Bring it on!

Dare Devil is a test of skill, agility, reactions and bravery. Your reactions will be challenged as you hurtle to earth. Each zone gets harder with new obstacles to avoid, wind and rain conspire to send you to your doom. Remember when to Zig and when to Zag!

Glide and zoom past hot air balloons, helicopters and aircraft while picking up bonus balloons. The landing zone is getting closer now, avoid the trees and don’t land in the water unless you want to be shark food. Remember to slow down or you will crater! Watch the geese!

The only sound now, is your heartbeat, getting faster, as the ground gets closer.


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