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SOLD: Complete Atari 5200 Super System package!

Scott Stilphen

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Everything has been tested and works.  Includes:

original 4-port model system (with box and original foam packing!)
power supply (w/ box)
TV switch box
2 joystick controllers (tested and working!)
1 custom paddle controller!
Trak-Ball controller (with manual, box, and original foam packing!)
24 cartridges!  List:

Centipede (boxed)
Football (w/ manual)
Frogger (boxed)
Joust (w/ manual)
Missile Command
Moon Patrol
Ms. Pac-Man (boxed)
Pac-Man (boxed)
Pole Position
Popeye (boxed)
Q*bert (boxed)
RealSports Baseball (w/ manual)
Space Dungeon
Space Invaders
Soccer (w/ manual)
Star Raiders
Super Breakout (boxed)
Wizard of Wor

The protective plastic is still on the aluminum name plates on both the system and Trak-Ball controller!  Price $350 plus shipping.  PM me if interested, thanks.





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