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Release Date: February 2, 2024

Retail: $8.99

Developer: Bob Decrescenzo

Publisher: Atari Age


Trapped in a bizarre, alien high-tech structure and surrounded by robots, your Humanoid moves from cell to cell as you face a band of deadly mechanical monsters. Odd marching skeletons clunk toward you. Robotic tanks trundle into position. Face your enemy and fire, or be doomed by their fatal touch! Eliminate all automatons and proceed to the next assembly.

Stay alert! Your enemies now fire deadly blasts. In Berzerk, all walls absorb shots from you or the robots. In Frenzy, some cell walls ricochet the blasts--both yours and the robots--so watch where you fire! Worst of all is Evil Otto, the bouncing menace who passes through walls and destroys any creature on contact. It's a bizarre battle for survival as Evil Otto bounces toward you! Will you make it?

Atari 7800 veteran Bob Decrescenzo brings arcade classics Frenzy and Berzerk home to the 7800, complete with all the details you'll find in the arcade games. Both games are reproduced with careful attention to detail to match their arcade counterparts as closely as possible. The original speech from the arcade that helped make both games so memorable is also included!

For a new challenge, there are two-player cooperative and competitive gameplay modes. In cooperative modes, both players try to achieve a single high score and share six lives. In two-player competitive mode, each player has their own set of scores and lives. In competitive mode, you even get points for shooting your opponent!

Game Features

One or Two Players

Head-to-Head or Cooperative Two Player Modes

Choose from Frenzy or Berzerk

Both games include speech from the arcade

Frenzy includes all four interactive maze elements (Big Otto, Power Plant, Central Computer and Robot Factory

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