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Food Fight Culinary Combat Tournament info- Atari 7800 Reviews and junk

Funkmaster V

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On the Atari Network podcast Friday at 7:30PM EST, Jon and I will spell out whatchagottado to get into the Food Fight Culinary Combat tournament we are hosting on 2/17/2024. You can win a boxed Gravitar game, a wireless Atari controller from Commotron, autographed DVDs and more!

Also, we have some new 7800 reviews and cheat codes up on the www.atari7800forever.com site. Delta Space Arena, Plutos, and the incredibly interesting Harpy's Curse:

New Atari 7800/ Atari VCS review!
Harpy's Curse is up in the hizzy! Check it out, butts! #atari #atarivcs


 :pole_position_blimp: Visit Atari 7800 Forever online: https://www.atari7800forever.com

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