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  1. Almost certainly. That RF interference is nothing more than ripple current and spikes being amplified and displayed. It's possible your RF cable has seen better days, but it's easy to make one out of modern RG6 cable and compression connectors and have a superior cable in all the ways that are measurable.
  2. On both 6 & 4 switch systems, ripple current plays a very large roll in picture quality and longevity of components. Especially on the 2 input caps, which are .22uf on the 6 switch and .1uf on the 4 switch units. Sometimes seen in pairs, sometimes not, based on the rev level of the board - we'll get to that :-) Further, electrolytic caps degrade from spec after about 10 years - weather they're in service or not. Electrolytic caps have a shelf life, and that big fat 2200uf filter cap can cause some nasty issues with your picture for sure. That little .47uf cap will put a snowstorm and
  3. Welcome, hope it helps The way this repair came about was, I got tired of replacing these things because it takes a good bit to get them heated up and off, and, it's wasteful. Besides... we had these new hires always rotating through the shop,,, so I'd get them to pull the RF section off the boards where they had tested bad and then had them disassemble them. It was just really good practice for them to learn proper soldering/desoldering technique, plus I could show them how to set up a scope to verify proper operation of the RF section after they had reinstalled them. The other added be
  4. Wondered how you did without it for so long didn't you? :-) It really is the only way to preserve these boards for the future - the desoldering vacuum pump guns don't lift pads and you only keep heat on the board for a brief period of time. Best to flow fresh solder into the joints beforehand, though - makes the joint let go much more easily.
  5. Quick tip to save you a few clams... Everyone says these are unrepeatable - well... send me all you have, I can use them :-) OK, after you remove the RF unit from the board, have a look at the inside - not much to it. Certainly no magic - Have a look where the perfboard joins the case... see the solder pads and joints? Remove as much solder from the 2 joints on the side as you can, and then use desoldering braid for the rest - after that, just pull the board out.. like so - Make a few tests - it's a bad IC this time, just a transistor array. DON'T install an IC
  6. Thanks! Happy to help however I can -
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