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  1. I heard that before the cyberamics in 1979 that there were the portrait bots on the stages. I've seen and helped discover a video of them on Amazon Video. Ever since I first joined the CEC fandom in late 2014 I was always trying to find out what happened to these portrait animatronics. I know there is one surviving G1 (Early 1977) Chuck that was also used as a prototype for a talking walkaround. There is also a G2 Chuck and Crusty (Late 1977) that a guy in Colorado owns. There was several other bots that are assumed to be destroyed but can't be confirmed at all. Heck most of didn't even know t
  2. I am a big fan of Atari and not just Atari. I am also a fan of Chuck E. Cheese's, Creative Engineering, Microsoft, Apple, 90's Nickelodeon, Furby, Retro Video Games, Nintendo and Sega. Now enough of me talking about my interests. I'll tell you how I got into Atari. When I was younger going into Walmart and looking at all the cool games out there really interested me. I found an Atari Flashback in the game section and I knew it was something my dad would bring up sometimes. One day I asked my dad what it was like playing with Atari and he said it was great. He had a full collection of games and
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