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  1. Super Mario World ported to C64:




    Dan Salvato wondered if the "Minus World" glitch was possible. Check out the result:





    1. Justin


      The more SMB ports I see to other 8-Bit systems the more I believe the collapse of the video game industry and the success of the NES have less to do with tech and more to do with creativity and the philosophy of "what can video games be?". The way the first few waves of NES games reset the way we think about and play video games speaks volumes to what Atari and others should have seen. It was far more in line with being a toy company with games like SMB becoming franchises, than what Atari was doing with a focus on computers and being the next IBM.

    2. Marco1019


      To your point (somewhat, I think): I've had discussions with other gaming friends about the C64 & some ports that were rushed & turned out awful. By the time the C64's capabilities were truly explored and pushed to some of its limits, it was too late. (There were other factors to Commodore's demise, but I digress).

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