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  1. Why, yes, I am spending my Sunday afternoon watching the 2020 Classic Tetris World Championship on Twitch!




    Spoiler Alert: We will have a new champion this year as 2-Time Champion, Joseph Saelee, lost in the 1st round of the Finals in 5 games.


    I will add that watching these young gamers take Tetris to new heights is truly fantastic!

    1. Marco1019


      The Finals are delayed for the moment due to a power outage...in Indonesia! You read that right! The only non-US player remaining, Nenu, is en route to a friend's house as I type this post. Arda Öcal, one of the hosts of the CTWC, just informed the Twitch viewers of this development.


      Oh, and Nenu's opponent in the Semifinals is PixelAndy. Why is this signifcant? The winner of this Semifinal will move on to the Final Match against...PixelAndy's brother, DogPlayingTetris!


      Sometimes these stories really do write themselves...

    2. Marco1019


      DogPlayingTetris, the #1 seed and all of 13 years old, found himself down 0-2 in the Final Match against PixelAndy - his 15-year-old brother.


      DogPlayingTetris stormed back to win 3 straight matches including a Game 5 thriller to win the 2020 CTWC!

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