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Warner Bros & Looney Toons Giveaway!


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During Wednesday Night Atari Chat, 11/19 at 8:00 pm EST


Join me in the chat this Wednesday Night for a special Looney Toons Giveaway! A few of us from the forums have decided to make Friday night meet-ups in the live chat a weekly tradition! For our kick-off, I decided I wanted to host a Looney Toons-themed giveaway of my own.


As part of the Wednesday Night Chat, I'm going go through 5 trivia questions. The first one to PM me with the correct answer wins. (If we need a tie breaker, it will be a sudden death question, first correct answer wins!)


1st Place Prize wins a near mint Brockway, white letter "Tweety" glass from 1973! There are only so many of these on this planet! 2nd Place Prize wins a Brockway 1973 "Tasmanian Devil" white letter! It is faded, almost pink compared to the original red. Still an awesome piece to add to your collection!!! These are my personal items from my prized collection, I'm hosting Looney Toons Trivia because I love this retro community and really want to give back, and I know the Looney Toons glasses will end up in a good home with anybody here!


Join us in the chat Wed night 11/19 and check it out!! You could be a winner!

 "Better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime."

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