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Dads' Day of Atari


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I know this is the "memories" section and that tends toward childhood memories. That said, one of the cool things about retro gaming is that you can continue to create new memories with friends and family. With that in mind, a few months ago I hosted what I called the "Dads' Day of Atari" for my male friends who grew up with an Atari system and have kids. We basically play old Atari games, drink beer and chat about family, work and hobbies. With our busy work and family schedules, it is hard to get everyone together but making it an event helps and people get really excited. The first one was a lot of fun so I decided to have it again. This second Dads' Day of Atari was even better than the first. Best part is that my buddy started homebrewing recently and surprised us by bringing each of us a bottle of his first batch!


As the group's Atarian, I just pull out my bins and let each of the guys pick out a game to play. It tends towards co-ops and two player arcade classics. One of the things that has been interesting to me is how fascinated everyone is by the Jaguar. To a man, they swear up and down "dude if I had seen this back in the day, I would have been all over it." The Lynx also gets alot of attention.


Pics are of some games on offer during the afternoon. I didn't take any photos during the get together because we were too busy having fun. :)


Anyway, I just wanted to post this as a reminder that these classic games can and do lead to new memories and good times. I hope some of you are having classic games nights or "dads' days" of your own. Cheers!






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