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Coming This Summer! (Oops, should we not have said that?)


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that thing has to be bigger than a 5200!!!!!! OMG!

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Atari could have done this if they had released and Atari 400/800 based video game system and keyboard by 1980.

All Atari needed was a keyboard for the 5200, that's based on the 400/800. But they didn't release it until '82 of course. They did do it in '88 with the XEGS console though...a bit late by then though. The only really positive thing about the XEGS for many was new cartridge games from Atari for all Atari 8-bits after a drought for a few years. It was a positive for retailers too, and old stock 8-bit carts; I remember going into stores and seeing the XEGS and games and mixed in were old 400/800 cart games with a new sticker slapped on the boxes stating XEGS compatibility! :lol:


The 7800 should have had the keyboard, and 8-bit peripheral compatibility until it was nixed by the Tramiels...then they go and do it with older 8-bit tech with the XEGS 4 years later than the 7800 should have been released with it all! :P But hey, INTV dropped the ball too, it took the Adam add-on for Colecovision in '83/84 to finally get something like this! ^_^


Mattel took the 1980 tech from this lost add-on and made the Aquarius computer in what? '83/84?


Console-come-computer and Computer-come-console just never seemed to catch on with the American public, apparently people decided on one or the other, not hybrids. :mellow:  


Bally was the first ever to try a Hybrid console with the Bally Professional Arcade in the 70's, that you could program like a computer, but unfortunately the "keyboard" was just a keypad...then Magnovox had the flat-touch keyboard on the Odyssey 2, but they didn't seem to ever try and push it as a computer that I recall.

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