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  1. ok I'll do the update in January to change the Wednesday listing for special ones, like before keep me updated for like contest in chat or special topics for the calendar, for newsletter I e-mails I send out I'll make mention to check calendar for weds night chats. no problem any way to help the community
  2. just letting you know that I got Atari IO chat listed in my jaguar community united yahoo group calendar and on the AVC Online calendar. right now its set for everyday all day. when you start with the Wednesday chat thing I can edit them. as mentioned in chat before, the yahoo groups don't send out reminder like before so I got a monthly newsletter being e-mailed out to them.
  3. I have star castle arcade on my harmony, but I'll buy the cart as well.
  4. love zippy have it on my harmony, I was a playtester for it,back then Ionly could play on stella due to size.
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