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Jmjustin6's game room


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So i just picked this baby up and i am going to start the project of turning this into a gameboy game display case. I saw a couple people on facebook do it so i searched my area for one and found it. Cant wait till its done.


there are places that make custom trans-lights the only example I can think of is Metal Jesus's  MAME cab:



I know a couple of guys that have these with custom marquees ,


there is probably a simple way to make them yourself with PETG plexiglass & translucent decals


will be great to see your progress on this, it'll be a very handsome way to display your GB games

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I finally got a fay off of work and painted the insides. And i think this came out beautifully! Now i have to figure out how to take these zippo signs out of the top to replace them. They are just pieces of plexiglass with paint on em. They are really stuck in there though. Ive tried alot to get them loose but its still a no go




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Nice! I was going to suggest a utility/razor knife (like a box cutter). But looks like you got it.

Thats actually what i did. I used a box cutter on the top to cut as much glue oit as i could. It was very very little. Then i used the swiss army knife and jabbed it into the hole that the box cutter made.


I got the entire blade in there and used it just like you would when sawing a log in half. I sawed through the glue and plus the pressure the knife put in on tje small space it just popped off

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And i come to all you creatively minded people once again. Me and a couple of the people who have done these zippo displays are trying to figure out a good way to cover up the zippo logos on all of the shelves. There are 1 on each shelf 2 shelves have the logo on the top and 2 jave them on the bottom. I have an idea, but i want to hear from yall first. Thanks for reading



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