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Intellivision Kiosk Review


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That thing is AWESOME.  All caps are required.  I do indeed remember these back in the day from my local K-Mart.  I can picture it in my mind.  The sights, sounds and smells.  It was so exciting, so many hours dreaming while my parents shopped.  Sadly, this year (2016), that very K-Mart here in NE Portland is closing after probably 50 years of business. 

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Such a thing of beauty.

And that Colecovision one next to it seems kinda great too.


Great thinking with the hard-shell material and monitor hookup.

That advert plate hiding the empty space where the computer never showed up is bittersweet, though.


Seeing the console surrounded by thumbnail images of its playfields makes it feel like this should be the way all our gaming systems appear in our homes.


The 'Intelligent Television' motto recall that time when the first gaming units brought home the interactivity and individualization of electronics use we now take for granted.

Although our modern interactions with a keyboard and mouse connected to a programming unit now presents exponential possibilities compared to back then, it was at that moment that we first glimpsed the Shape of Things to Come.



Seeing that display today still makes me feel that way.

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