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RPC_Pete comes to Atari I/O


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Hi Guys, I'm new here and wow what a great Atari site :) I haven't used my Atari 130xe + XF551 Disk dive in months and now I think it's time to do some new stuff for our Atari's.


I'm the proud owner of RPC-GAMES AUSTRALIA working on the RetroPC1010 project at the moment and now in my spare time I'm going to write stuff for our muchly Loved Atari's in 6502 assembler.


So thanks everyone and I hope I'm welcomed here.


Now to think of a project to start.







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Thanks guys and gals for the warm welcome. I'm on a few Atari sites and when PeteyM5 mentioned this site to me I just had to join and become a member.

I've been programming my Atari computer since 1986 so I think I have a little knowledge of the machine. hehehehehe Well, a lot :)


I'm the creator of CMODE72, a 72 colour mode for the Atari 8-bit. You could see it as a low-res VGA mode. Their is a demo on YouTube. I tried to use the link function here but it just didn't work so here is the YouTube address. http:..youtu.be/ELSv3s2pU0s


I'm also the creator of Centron 3D for Atari 8-bit and Amiga 500/1200. See our website for more info www.rpcgames.com.au


So now in my spare time I'm going to start a new project for our 8-bit using my CMODE72 graphics mode.

Don't know what it is yet but its Australia Day here so we'll have a chat about it while having the usual BBQ and Jim Beams.


I'll let everyone know what we come up with.


And thank you guys again for the warm welcome.



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