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Squad Challenge - Cosmic Ark (Atari 2600)


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great job ....


I like the long beam up - elevator ride ideer ....


didn't work so well in  :vulcan_salute: Star Trek the movie though or "The Fly" remake with the chimp  :pow:


if you got past the lasers only once you certainly took the long road to that great score !!!

Thanks!  Ha yeah the long beam up sometimes doesn't work out too well for the beasties either - lost several that way :)

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:pole_position_blimp_big:  Congratulations greenween!



GREAT SHOWING GUYS! Congratulations on your win greenween! greenween won with 6,783 points! MightyMattD placed 2nd with a score of 5,533! We had a lot of Atari I/O Members join in for this Squad Challenge and all of you showed a great game. It was awesome to have everybody join in!! I encourage greenween to post his winning Cosmic Ark high score on the Scoreboard! Way to go guys!


:commodore_joystick: We invite all future Squad Challenge winners to share their winning scores on the Scoreboard and keep the game going!  :commodore_joystick:  







1       greenween                6,783


2       MightyMattD             5,533


3       chas10e                     4,933


4       radiopoultry               4,463


5       kamakazi20012         3,423


6       RickR                         2,983


7       dauber                       1,633


8       fergojisan                  1,223

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