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2600 emulator that records gameplay into a video file?


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Hmmm...I only know of a NES emulator with that feature.  You could use Stella full-screen and use a screen capture program to capture the video. If you have Windows you can find a few free screen capture apps by using Google.  As for a built-in capture from an Atari emulator...I lack knowledge in that department.

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To my knowledge, one doesn't exist.


My understanding is that an emulator would essentially need to have a fully separate window-capture function built in due to the way that screen graphics are produced by the 2600.  Since the video capture would be accomplished entirely outside of the emulation routines, and other programs already exist to do just this, it's not really a priority.


I use Stella with Open Broadcaster Software to output FLV files.  If someone has a better suggestion, please comment!

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If that doesn't work Adobe does have a free encoder for live feeds that might work as it records to your computer's hard drive.  RickR shared links to some free video editing software in another post (I'll go look for it).  One of those programs I tried out, liked, and remember that it did actually capture screens very well.  I'll go find it right quick.

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