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Project Prometheus?


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So...I've never owned a ColecoVision, never played one....although what Opcode Games has been doing lately has kind of made me consider one. Then I saw the actual software and was kind of turned off by the choppy animation....


BUT...I see that they've announced Project Prometheus, an 8-bit ColecoVision-compatible system with the functionality of Opcode's Super Game Module...and this is starting to make me think I should start saving up! The plan is to release it by the end of next year.


Have y'all's heard about this thing??

Supernatural, perhaps...baloney, perhaps not.

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Got a link for us busy but lazy people? I've never owned or really played a CV but I like the prospect of resurrecting old hardware


Better than a link -- here's what they posted on Bookface:



Massachusetts, USA – February 10, 2017 – We have been receiving a lot of feedback since we announced the Super Game Module Pro back in January 1st, and based on that we decided to change our plans accordingly:

1) The SGM Pro is now indefinitely on hold.

2) Instead the sound subsystem we created was transferred to Project Prometheus, a new super 8-bit console coming from Opcode Games, and it will be fully backward compatible with the ColecoVision and the Super Game Module.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but let me give you a little background so you can better understand why we changed our plans. We started developing the SGM Pro back in early 2016. The board (PCB) was created way back in March, we even printed the boxes and stocked the clear black cases. That was a considerable investment in time and money we already made. However later in 2016, the opportunity for Project Prometheus arose, the perfect conjunction of many happy factors. Add to that the aforementioned feedback we got where: 1) people were frustrated by a new version of the SGM and the confusion it may cause, 2) people were really looking for a new ColecoVision compatible console. In the end of the day it became clear we had too many hardware products planned, and the SGM Pro was looking more and more like the Sega 32X of the ColecoVision line. So we made the hard decision of pulling the plug on the SGM Pro, even though that represents quite a financial hit to us in terms of inventory. On the other hand we believe Project Prometheus will better provide what ColecoVision and retro gaming general community alike are looking for.

And what about the regular Super Game Module? Well, that is the good news. Pre-orders for the 4th run will start in just a couple of week. Same deluxe packaging as the previous run at the same $90 price. Moreover, all games you saw during the SGM Pro presentation are still coming for the regular SGM.

More details about Project Prometheus will be revealed later this year. However please notice we aren’t realistically expecting to release Project Prometheus until late 2018.

Grazi and Ed.

Supernatural, perhaps...baloney, perhaps not.

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