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Gameboy 31 in 1 128k Multi-cart


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I've found a really odd one here.  It looks like some kind of Japanese bootleg multicart.  I can't find any information on the internet about it, so I thought I'd share here.  The label has a couple of track rats on it, and there's a little rubber button on the cart.  There's no menu in the game...you have to push the button the correct number of times to get to each game.  For example, to get to "Dr Mario", you'd turn the unit on and push the button 12 times.  That's kind of awful, because the button is a little too sensitive. 


Here's the list of games.  There's some really good titles here, and some wonderful games that are very Japanese. 


1 Mahjong tile game

2 Klax

3 Loopz

4 Tetris

5 Hyper Lode Runner

6 Match Mania

7 Alleyway

8 Daedalian

9 Amida

10 Pala medes

11 Koro Dice

12 Dragon Slayer

13 Dr Mario

14 World Bowling

15 Q Billion

16 Space Invaders

17 Pitman

18 Flipull

19 Tennis

20 Serpent

21 Flappy Special

22 Tasmania Story

23 Trump Boy

24 Hong Kong

25 Pipe Dream

26 Ishido The Way of Stones

27 VolleyFire

28 Sokoban 2

29 Battle City

30 Heiankyo Alien

31 Super Marioland


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Wow never heard of a multi cart with that kind of select set up. Thats a shame. I would love to play super marioland but 31 times you gotta press that button. Id probably just play tetris over and over again

It is annoying as Erkel.  Plus, like I said...the button is too sensitive and sometimes you get 2 pushes in one. 


I typed up that list of games myself...just to make sure I wasn't missing any. 

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