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Need Help Displaying Vidpro Cards

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I have some Vidpro flip cards I want to display on my wall, but just like the game aisle in an old Toys R Us, I want to be able to lift the bottom to flip them and see the other side. Any ideas? 


FYI - Some stores used rings which required hole punching the cards. I don't want to do this. I want something that clamps the cards well enough and can be moved to lift up.

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Those are real neat.  Worthy of display.


How about using picture frames that are clear on both sides?  I've seen some that are really simple -- just clear plastic that you slip the picture in between...and some that are more fancy that have a frame.  I think they are also used to display trading cards. 

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Maybe visit some Toys R Us stores and see if they have any of their old shelving or attachments that will let you use those again like they did.  Some stores keep that old stuff around.  You might be surprised.  If nothing else you might try going to a comic book store and see what they have.  I know they make plastic protectors for three-ring binders as I had one for my X-Men collection.  You might try that route.  But, yea, just like the comic book idea you could try this other approach...get some paper protectors from a discount store's school/office supply section, get a three ring binder and VIOLA!  Don't neglect the photo frame isle either.  And if you have a Hobby Lobby close by check them out as well.  Take one or two of those cards with you when/if you go scouting for the photo album idea.  But that would be my way of doing it.  Since they are cards I would care for them the same way I would care for baseball cards if I collected those.  Hopefully that helps.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I don't have a TRU by me, so that's a no go and I wanted something that could hold multiples and flip easy, and a frame might be too heavy for that.


Right now, I'm consider one of these menu flip holders. I need some more money before I can buy one and I have to measure to see if it would work.


BTW, I was happy to recently get these two vidpro cards, which is what inspired me to ask.



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