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The Top 30 N64 Games


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I certainly cannot argue that list, many greats for sure and they included Resident Evil 2 which for a CD based PS1 game was quite an accomplishment ! Many seem to dump on the N64 and maybe it has not aged great but that list is an example of great and fun titles on the N64 and reinforces imho that I made the right choice picking up an N64 Everdrive when I had the chance!  WIPEOUT64 and RIDGE RACER64 were interesting versions on N64 as well! 

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On the N64, most of the stuff that came from developer Rare is pretty good on the N64.  The one exception is Conker's Bad Fur day which would have to be at the top of my favorite N64 games.  It was down right wacky, comical, and plugs to then popular movies, but lots of adult humor that might offend some and definitely not something some parents might not want their kids to experience.  


Crusin' World was better than Crusin' USA in my opinion.  And out of all of the RUSH games on the N64, RUSH 2 was my favorite.  By the time 2048 came out I had already moved on to the Dreamcast so the N64 version just didn't matter to me anymore.  And who could forget F-Zero?  That game simply ROCKS!  I have not played a whole lot of N64 games and I couldn't view the list completely because I got annoyed at the load times but it's cool that there is still some love for the N64 out there.  The last of the cartridge era.

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