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Anyone taking advantage of the Toys R Us markdowns?


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So over the past month ive been going to the 3 closest Toys R Us around me. They started at 5-10% off everything and then went to $15-30% now they are at 50-60% off everything. All the managers told me that the last date they will sell stuff is june 27th.


All the video games are basically gone in all of the stores near me. I wanted to get a karate champ or a burger time mini arcade, but they got gone when they were 5% off and with toys r us that means they were 5% off the marked up price they put on them. They still had some smash bros amiibos, but they were still 40% off 15.99! I remember when smash bros amiibos were at walmart and gamestop and they were 12.99.


2 of the 3 still have the switch and 3DS kiosks 1 of them told me they dont know what is happening with it and the other told me they have to take it out back cut the wires and take a hammer to it! He wouldnt hold it for me either.


1 of the stores told me that on the 27th they are taking down all of the display signs and chucking them in their back dumpster. She said she wasnt sure if they were gonna rip them up or not


So has anyone else been to their local Toys R Us and bought anything? Are you looking to get and signage when they do close?

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So at the front of the 3 toys r us there was a place you could sign your name and put down what fixtures and signs you wanted to buy. They just called me and said the big mario, peach, link, and donkey pictures are for sale, but im stuck at work and its first come first serve

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Well i couldnt wait so i went before i went to work and they were still there and the liquidator was actually there! Turns out they are huge cardboard cubes/boxes and i got them for $10 a piece. Sadly though he wasnt allowed to sell anything that had the circle R copyright or anything that had "TM" trademark under Nintendo logo. So that ment all the little banner signs and all of the amiibo signs i couldnt buy.





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Well sadly its official. Toys R Us is closed. Now im curious! Has anyone gotten anything good from their local Toys R Us? Signs? Store displays? A good deal on games or toys you had your eye on?


I was able to get some xbox and Playstation signs. Then i went in the dumpster in the back and found the "C'mon Lets Play" sign that i thpught would look perfect in the game room






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