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Nintendo holiday experience 2018


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So Nintendo is going to 11 different cities in the U.S. to show off all their new stuff. They will have the new smash bros out and ready to play along with the new pokemon switch games and the newest labo stuff. They are also giving out Christmas gifts. I'm guessing its limited so I will definitely get there early to make sure I get me a gift. Looks like this will be going on for an entire month.


I will take photos and post them here. Also did anyone else state get chosen?

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So here are some pics of the event. They had super smash bros, Mario Kart 8, super mario party, just dance, overcook 2, and labo (but it wasn't set up yet). They also had pokemon hot pikachu and eevee, but there was no early playing of them. When the game releases next week then they will set it up so people can play them. They also had 2 tables setup that each had a 2ds, 2ds XL, 3ds xl, and a switch in portable mode. Each system had 1 game downloaded on them.


Sorry for the bad pics the signs above each TV were super bright so my phone couldn't really get them clearly.












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Now onto smash. They said that we were not allowed to take any pics of the gameplay and if they caught us they would kick us put and we were not allowed back so the 1 pic I have above is the only pic.


Any way... you get in line and they had 4 player smash going. You picked your character and they had the stage set to random. You played a 2 min 30 sec match and then back to the end of the line you go. So naturally I only played it 1 time. I was 2 in line at the start and by the time I played the line was out the door and I said SCREW THAT I'll play some mario party.


As for the game I played as Ken from street fighter. He's about the same as Ryu just faster and a couple moves are different. The game seems to much faster paced than previous games. They added a lot of new items to the game. A lot more new pokemon for the pokeballs and ALOT of new characters for the assist trophies. I really wish I had more to say about the game but 1 2:30 match is not enough time to get a good feel of the game. I will say however that it was really fun and I cant wait to play it when it comes out!

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The gifts they were giving out were not anything too special. I got a Nintendo switch tote bag and a sticker set. There were 3 different gifts you could get and they scanned your QR code from your MyNintendo account and it randomly chose what gift you get.


The 3 gifts were a fortnite poster, a sticker set, or a Nintendo switch rally towel.


They said that each week they will be giving out new gifts. So I might go back to see if there is anything better.

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Great post. Thanks for posting the details. There is no appearance anywhere near me. It's weird because Nintendo US HQ is up in Renton, WA, and nothing there either!

Yea I was talking to the guy in charge of super smash bros. He's from Seattle and flew in here to do this. That guys life is awesome he literally plays new games for a living. He was telling about a Nintendo garage sale they have for employees every 6 months or so. He's gotten Nintendo demo and competition cartridges for a few dollars

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Yeah...sadly the event isn't near me either. TX is the only state close and I wouldn't consider a nearly 10 hour drive to Houston from where I'm at to be worth it for a chance to play a few games coming out for a system I don't currently own. LOL


But my oldest would have loved this since he is a huge Smash Bros fan and really likes his switch. The youngest prefers the XB1X...I prefer the PS4 Pro and my Genesis...so go figure...

See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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