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Reactor Easter Egg


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Probably more a programming glitch than calculated user-gift, but the results speak for themselves - any bug that allows a gamer to continue their game (in this period of no-saves/no-pauses hardcore gaming) is a feature to be cherished.


Also, Parker Brothers had some of the coolest gameplay and niftiest tie-ins of the entire 2600 library.

Wanna pilot a snowspeeder against AT-ATs? We got you covered.

Wanna be a skyscraper crawling webhead? Here ya go!

Wanna be a fruit Shortcake person matching music? Why would you want that? No really. Oh well...*sigh* here t'is.


While I wasn't a fan of Atari's switch to all-silver boxes for their carts (I missed the multi-colored fascination the originals gave me), that look suited the PB line rather well.

Seemed like a silver medal award for their top-notch programming.

Coulda been gold boxes to accurately reflect the quality of their best ones, imho.


It's a shame the game designers had to share the same anonymity as their Atari HQ brethren.

Maybe the designer of Reactor noticed this Egg and said "Y'know what? This is really cool. It stays in."

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