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Watching Christmas Specials


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I grew up watching the Rudolph stop animation and Frosty cartoon. The Frosty cartoon was always a bit of an emotional experience when he melted.

As an adult, I always plan to do something on the day of a holiday, but things never turn out the way I envisioned. I realize now that that's been my mistake. Something always come up on that day -- family get togethers, impromptu errands to go to the grocery, etc. EDIT insert--> I should have scheduled to do things leading up to the day and not on the day of. <--| And to think that my day job is a program manager who manages risks and unexpected interruptions. But then again, at home, I just do what my wife tells me to do, so there is that 🙂

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I'm with @socrates63 on this one.  I have intentions to watch, but never do.  I figure I've seen them before.

That said, I do have fond memories of the various Rankin Bass stop animation shows.  Especially Rudolph.  That one has a bad modern interpretation -- they only care about Rudolph and his "special ability" when they actually need him.  I can't argue with that, and coach Comet and that sob Fireball need an atomic wedgie.  But honestly, watching the show, it's a lot softer and tongue--in-cheek that we make it out to be.  A+ to that show. 

My favorite, and I'll probably really watch this one this year due to being stuck at home is the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.  That one actually captures that "WTF are we doing?" feeling I always have during the holiday season.  Commercialization and consumerism are depressants for me.  Good grief!


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Leave it to the Rudolph special to make Santa seem like a real ass!

I vaguely remember watching a Pac-Man Christmas special when I was younger. Pac-Man and all of his Pac-family didn’t know anything about Christmas until Santa crash-landed in their world and taught them about what Christmas was. This special was part of the old Hannah-Barbara cartoon from the eighties. Anyone remember this?

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I remember that Pac Man XMas special too.  It sure seemed like any attempt to make a Pac Man cartoon was just weird. 

Just for you @HDN, these are the specials my family watched this year:

  • Charlie Brown Christmas - choppy tone, yet still outstanding
  • Rudolph - Fun and funny.  It remains a classic, even with the bullying (which is really done with a humorous wink-wink tone). 
  • The Little Drummer Boy (another Rankin Bass stop-motion short).  I'd never seen this one before.  It's OK.  But I'm kind of intrigued by the way they did the Christmas star.  How did they do that effect?  It looks quite real. 
  • SpongeBob and Simpsons Christmas DVD's.  These are more winter-themed.  My favorite is the SpongeBob episode with the snowball fight. 


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