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Kung Fury


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It was a Kickstarter.  They didn't QUITE make the goal (which would have been a 90 minute movie and might have made my head explode) so they made this 30 minute gem.

Hollywood makes 3 hour butt numbing films that aren't this much fun.

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Yeah, this short burst of 80s madness/goodness is likely to be the best thing ever...ever.

So much love and respect for the era went into this - it's much more of an over-the-top homage than a spoof.


They seem to have gotten financing (or interest at least) to make this feature-length.

I dunno. Just the right size as it is.

But very glad the creator of it is getting proper props and reward for enriching this chaotic-tech era with the smooth neon frenzy we 80s folks know all so well.


And also, the Hoff's companion music video for this is a juicy throwback to the days of YouTube's daddy: MTV


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I watched this last night. It started off with a bang then it slowed down for a bit. But overall I thought it was fun.


I thought the lead character's voice reminded me of a mix of Keanu Reeves and Edward James Olmos.

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Thought this was fantastic, with nearly ever 1980's TV and movie homage in a 31 minute movie and brilliant rub colour offset to give that old VHS film feel. They also have a game with the same name on the android and iOS stores, so if you haven't tried it yet, you should it's great fun.

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