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Atari Anniversary on the Game Boy Advance


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I finally played a GBA game--well, sorta. It's the Atari Anniversary, so just a bunch of oldie but classic arcade games from back in the day. I found it to be a very fun collection, and the games played pretty well. It's definitely one of those games suited for short burst gaming sessions.

The games all sound great and look great. Some even let you rotate the screen for that vertical orientation. Even with a dpad, they all played very well. I was most surprised by how well Centipede played--movement and control felt very natural.

Tempest was the biggest surprise and not in a good way. Animation in some of the stages slowed down noticeably. I guess Tempest is processor intensive? I wasn't expecting to see a slow down of an old game running on pretty good hardware.

Out of all the games in the collection, I think I had the most fun with Battlezone, Missile Command, and Centipede. While I'm a big Asteroids fan, I have a hard time playing it with anything but an all-buttons controller.

I have the Atari Anniversary Redux for the PlayStation but have never played it. In any event, I've been spending some time with the GBA lately and look forward to trying an actual native GBA game.

IMG_1469.JPG.5cd46929568a82d5aaa13f3236dd2597.JPG IMG_1470.JPG.9a8da0de39eacb614c098b7f862fe58e.JPGIMG_1466.JPG.0937c4b3e657ece922cadfed72db5a8b.JPG IMG_1465.JPG.f45af907897a0eb3170289c300aa5278.JPG IMG_1467.JPG.548da1426e331abac63165c999323b10.JPG IMG_1468.JPG.9e0fb4414ce31ef31a1a3d912a4a1ea5.JPG

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2 minutes ago, RickR said:

Tell us more about that upgraded screen on your GBA.  Looks nice!

I bought the GBA from a local gamer turned game store owner. He modded a GBA with a new case and I believe an IPS v2 screen. The screen is very nice and supports multiple brightness levels. I tried but can't go back to the original GB and GBC anymore to play GB and GBC games. We sorta take these things for granted now, but man, display technology has come such a long ways.

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I put one of the funnyplaying IPS screens in an old glacier GBA I had sitting around over a year ago and it really made me want to play GBA games again. I've also done similar for a member here and as far as I know, he has been pretty pleased with it.

That all said, I also got confirmation that my GBA consolizer kit from Gamebox has shipped. I also purchased a semi beat up but working GBA for the project so it will be really interesting and cool to be able to play GBA, GB, and GBC games on the big screen in console like fashion.


See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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