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Akka Arrh


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Release Date: February 21, 2023

Retail: $19.99

Developer(s): Llamasoft

Publisher: Atari

Official Site


Synopsis :

"A cascade of words, color, shapes and sound flows around your turret as you desperately fight off swarms of inbound attackers. If enemies penetrate your perimeter you need to zoom into close range combat and beat them back, adjusting to a completely different perspective in the blink of an eye. Welcome to Jeff Minter’s Akka Arrh.

Akka Arrh combines the intrigue of an incredibly rare Atari arcade prototype with the unique creative vision of Jeff Minter to deliver a wave shooter that is insanely fun to play.  Akka Arrh drips with Minter’s sense of humor, his love of psychedelic color and light, and his ability to flat-out create games that are a joy to play.

Akka Arrh is the name of your star cannon, which you control from a fixed turret called the Sentinel. Your mission is to keep enemies from penetrating the Sentinel’s perimeter. If any of them slip through, you zoom into the lower field and take them out. Once cleared, zoom back out and continue defending."

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The more I think about this, the more fascinated I am by it. What a masterstroke on Atari's part. In the past month Atari has given us Swordquest: Airworld, and Akka Arrh reimagined by Jeff Minter - we've always dreamed of these posssibilities. Now they have gone from "what if?" to reality. The Atari XP releases have had a few hiccups, but it's a nice initiative for Atari to release new first-party cartridges on real Atari hardware, and collaborate with game designers new and old. I appreciate Atari's efforts and it feels like they've got a light on over there.



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The early reviews are in and it's a bit of "you either get it or you don't." In other words, typical Minter.

John Hancock:


Defunct Games:

Nintendo Life:


Game Informer:


Way Too Many Games:


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Just a note that there has been official confirmation via Discord that the VCS version of Akka Arrh will not launch with working leaderboards.

Per Atari staff, the issue is that the VCS leaderboard APIs are written in Unity and that Llamasoft writes code in C++.  Apparently, it is difficult to translate to C++ without opening up exposure to other things. The backend people are working on a way to “untangle” the data leaderboards need to allow them to function in C++ language.

This is also why T4K leaderboards do not currently work on the VCS. 

Good news is that trackball/mouse support works.

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