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My Recent Pickup Findings

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Hey guys. I have been enjoying discovering the games I recently picked up.  But a couple of them for the 2600 raised a few questions and I thought I'd ask here and see if anyone might know.

I'm going through the games, one at a time, to make sure they work.  I'm also playing them.  Two of the games I skipped were Ms. Pac-Man and Solaris because I already have boxed copies but I thought I would at least make sure they worked.  Upon opening Ms. Pac-Man I found the game inserted upside down. When I took the game out I found the label a bit damaged. There's also a number handwritten on the box.


Would anyone know what that number is for?  Q*Bert has one as well on its box end.  It also took some work getting Q*Bert out if his box.  He was stuck like Chuck.  I'm not complaining...on the contrary I'm having a lot of fun!



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And Galaxian had a few surprises.  This game had been sealed until I opened it just before this post.  That's a long time!  Now on to what I found.


I knew of the comic book.  I've been trying to find the games that had those.  This one makes two I have now but I have never seen the service contract form before.  Nothing like that ever came with the 5200 games I got in the 1980s. 


What do you think, guys?  Should I invest in protection for my 2600?


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