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I'm talking about interesting ones from the 80's.  For example, here's a modern-day review of the 1985 Honda Accord that was owned for 40 years by a lady in Modesto CA.  A time capsule, and so interesting to see how much cars have changed since then.  I don't know about you, but I think I'd be perfectly comfortable driving this car around today.  My first car out of college was a 1990 Honda Civic...very similar to this car. 


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Wow, that Honda is extremely clean, I mean extremely clean 😮. It must have been kept in the garage most of its life. The exterior chrome is in amazing condition.

I'm not sure why this is considered the genesis of the mid-size sedan though. My first car, the 1979 Volvo 264 GL, was very similar in size. I can see how the Accord may have popularized the size since Japanese cars shot up in popularity during the 80s for their quality. But the video makes it sound like any car before this were all behemoths. That was mostly true for American cars but certainly European car makers weren't exporting giant cars to the US back then.

I miss the buttons on the dash. I am not a fan of dials although many years, a car salesman told me that I was in the minority as far as market research showed. "You must be a computer guy" is what he told me when I said that I preferred buttons to control the cabin air flow. Yup, you've got me pegged.

One thing that scares me about this accord is the massive sun roof. My Volvo had a sun roof and it leaked. That experience has since traumatized me when I see sun/moon roofs.

Fun trip down memory lane!

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I've been a Honda guy for a long time, and I haven't ever had a leak in the 3 sunroofs I've owned.  My current car is a 2010, and we use that sunroof all the time.  Rock solid. 

I know some brands have trouble with those leaks though (Subaru, I'm looking at Suba-YOU).  Maybe Volvo is one of them.

As I've mentioned, my wife and I have hemmed and hawed about replacing this workhorse because it's old.  But I have a hard time letting go.  For a lot of the reasons you mention.  It has buttons and knobs and is so dang simple with the controls.  No touch screen.  I do wish I had a backup camera though.  This thing is in such nice condition, I just can't do it.




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