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Quantum: Recharged


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Release Date: August 17, 2023

Retail: $9.99

Developer(s): Sneakybox

Publisher: Atari

Synopsis :

Defeat waves of enemies by encircling and entrapping groups of foes with their ship to create punishing dead zones that destroy them.

With no onboard guns, lasers, or missiles to shoot enemies down, Quantum: Recharged challenges players to avoid taking damage and progress through increasingly difficult levels by mastering their ship's maneuverability.

A fusion of frenetic gameplay and quick-thinking problem-solving, Quantum: Recharged is a visual cosmic wonder complemented by an energetic original soundtrack from award-winning composer Megan McDuffie, featuring soaring melodies and infectious beats.

What's Old is New: Use modernized movesets and powerups to avoid deadly laser attacks from Quarks and stalking Neutrons as you streak across the high-flying battlefield.

Mode Madness: Two modes of gameplay — Challenge Mode and Arcade Mode — encourage you to either duke it out across 25 unique levels or just survive as long as you can against progressively dangerous waves of enemies.

Power-Ups: Even the odds with randomly spawning perks like unlimited dodges, enemy freezing abilities, and extra life nodes. One powerup might turn the tide of battle, but multiple will pack a serious punch!

Co-Op and Leaderboards: Cover more ground with a friend across all modes of play to strategically clear out enemies in tandem and compete in global leaderboards in both Arcade and Challenge modes.


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quantum is a cool game, I would have loved to see this game on the 7800 or atari 8 bit computers. an XE version would have been incredible and imagine if they had done a "quantum 2000" for the jaguar :atari_jaguar: wow that would have sold big numbers for atari 

22735 Congo St. NE, Stacy, MN 55079

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