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2 hours ago, Smell Dawg said:

Ha, just picked this deal up last night!! 

THAT'S AWESOME @Smell Dawg!! Glad to hear it!

I feel like everybody either:

  • Owns physical media (I agree!)
  • Finds a way to download for free
  • Doesn't buy movies because they subscribe to Netflix, etc.

The convenience of legally owning media - that you can access anytime on any device - without a subscription to a streaming service - without having to download in a less-than-legal method - in my situation the convenience of that is worth the price of a $4.99 rental. I can own a physical copy, and still own it on iTunes and legally download it to an external hard drive, and it's mine forever.

I like to treat myself to a $4.99 every Friday night like I'm going to Blockbuster. I've built up quite a library of "classics" that would appeal to the Atari I/O crowd - E.T. etc. :et_elliott_bicycle:

@Smell Dawg I hope you enjoy Superman! Feel free to share any good movie deals for these classics that you might find!

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1 hour ago, Smell Dawg said:

The Venture Bros. - The Complete Series

$9.99 on iTunes

Pretty extreme discount.  Just picked it up. 81 episodes across 7 seasons.

WOW! Marked down from $80! I'm going to grab that right now.

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