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Evercade Duke Nukem Collections!


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TWO cartridge collections for Duke Nukem -- preorders are open now for a release before the end of this year. 

I don't know about you, but I'm stoked for these.  More info here:  https://evercade.co.uk/evercade-game-spotlight-duke-nukem-3d-total-meltdown/

One of our biggest announcements of 2023 was that Evercade will be playing host to the triumphant return of one of gaming’s most beloved action heroes: Duke Nukem. And this is no ordinary rerelease: rather than simply emulating the original MS-DOS PC versions of Duke Nukem and its sequel, we’ve built a full remastered package specifically for the Evercade platform, including numerous enhancements — plus the option to enjoy the games as they appeared back in the day.

Alongside this, we’re also continuing our efforts to contribute to worldwide video game preservation efforts by providing the first ever commercial rereleases of four 32-bit Duke Nukem titles since they first hit the market in the late ’90s and early 2000s. Across two butt-kicking Evercade cartridges, there’s more than enough Duke Nukem to keep you busy for a good long while, and we’re super-excited to finally make these games available to you.

Since the two Duke Nukem Collection cartridges are now available for preorder from your favourite Evercade retailers, and these are some of the biggest, most well-known games we’ve ever licensed, we thought we’d take the time to dive deep into each individual title rather than providing a simple overview of each cart.

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