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Ebay - Atari 8-Bit "Heads Up" Alerts

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48 minutes ago, RickR said:

What do you mean by "Super Cartridge"?  If you mean something that can load images off SD card, there are many choices, and all pretty inexpensive. 


Yeah, that pretty much what I meant.  I've not been into the Atari's computer consoles so know nothing about them.  I'm guessing the game selection is not much different than my 5200 though.

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Ah, good!  I would say the game selection is MUCH bigger than the 5200.  There are thousands of disk-based games that will blow the mind.  Pretty much the entire EA library, for example.  Or Datasoft.  War games, adventure games, sports games...so much to explore on the Atari 8-bit. 

As far as solutions for multi-carts, I suggest starting with the simple "UnoCart".  It's cheap and loads cartridge/tape/disk images.  I think I wrote a review in my blog here.


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FYI The atari 8bit computers Run all the 5200 games , they change the controller is all. and all the 5200 only games have been done for decades.

Multi Cart, there is many to chose from, Uno cart, MyIDE2 , AtariMax 8meg carts (reprogramable) SD max ect...


My first was a 400 in 79 and xmas 1980 I bought the 800 for the keyboard. I still Today have my 800.


Bought the TI99/4A when they had the rebate, I wanted to check out the voice Syn. which was free with buy 3 games.



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