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Costco Holiday Gaming Items 2023


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Sorry, everyone, I didn't have time to do much more than post pictures last night.  Here are some observations:

  • Pac-Man.  You all have good eyes.  It is indeed an XL size and to my eyes, it looks like the size of a real cabinet.  That being said, the box is not heavy at all.  Probably because no CRT.  Still, I would not hesitate to buy this.  It looks great. 
  • Pinball.  I played this one a lot because it's really well done and fun.  Just like the ATGames pinball machines, I felt like it was real after a few minutes of playing.  The illusion is good. Haptic and audio feedback are great. 
  • Atari MyArcade.  They had a lot of them.  I was very tempted. 


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