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Club VCS Recharged Squad Challenge Giveaway (SERIES IV)


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Here are the contest totals for the Series IV Giveaway ended December 31, 2023.  There are 38 entries total and an official Tempest Dad hat is up for grabs! If anyone does not wish to participate, please let me know by Thursday, March 15, 9:00 PM PST.  A winner will be named this month and the SERIES V prize will be revealed.

@D.joe - 5 entries

@jbmindtrick - 1 entry

@Mockduck - 8 entries

@RickR - 5 entries

@Sabertooth - 8 entries

@socrates63 - 2 entries

@Smell Dawg - 8 entries

@Yorkies TV - 1 entry


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